We express our warm gratitude for the excellent organization and warm hospitality!


On behalf of the management and employees of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and Central Depository you express warm gratitude for the excellent organization and warm hospitality which we were provided during our stay in the hotel "Lucky Bansko" from 2 to 4 December 2016.

Since arriving on Friday and leaving on Sunday all the staff of our hotel proved extremely politeness. Waiters at the restaurant were especially none and did not allow to create some tension. On the contrary – they watched us serve best and we create a festive atmosphere.

Once again we made a very nice impression quality of maintenance of the rooms and kind treatment of maids. Visitors to the spa also were very pleased with the service.

Having reached this high level of quality and professionalism makes you at our trusted partner in business tourism.

With respect:

Iskren Nikolov
Pantaley Karasimeonov
Yulian Dikov