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The aqua complex of Lucky Bansko – real water fun for young and old

You love the peace and quiet of the mountains, but you love the sea very much and you can’t decide where to go during the summer holidays? Do you want to walk on the narrow forest paths of the mountain, but at the same time long for the sea and summer fun on the beach?

What if we told you that you can relax in the mountains and at the same time enjoy summer cocktails, sun and endless water fun? If we tell you that everything you need to “bring” the sea to the mountains is in the aqua complex of Lucky Bansko?

The aqua complex of Lucky Bansko - real water fun for young and old

Aqua complex Lucky Bansko – an endless summer fun at the foot of Pirin

The complex will impress you with its refined Mediterranean style, the abundance of greenery, stylish poolside teak tree chairs and tents, the special attitude of the staff and especially with the abundance of water entertainment for young and old.

The water entertainment complex of the five-star aparthotel Lucky Bansko is located just meters from the main hotel building. This allows you to put on your swimsuits and flip-flops as soon as you drink your morning coffee and in two minutes you can enjoy the attractions it offers.

The water attractions that await you in the aqua complex of Lucky Bansko

Two great outdoor pools with mineral water

As soon as you step through the entrance of the aqua complex, two outdoor mineral pools await you – one for children and one for adults. The adult pool has a depth of 1.45 to 1.60 cm, and the water in it is maintained at a temperature of 29 degrees. Around the pool are luxurious sun loungers and tents where you can sit and enjoy the warm sun while tanning.

While you are relaxing, you will be taken care of by impeccably trained waiters, ready to fulfill your every wish for cocktails, snacks or something sweet. And when you decide to swim in the pool, your senses will be pampered with professional music sound, music from which you can listen even when swimming underwater.

The children’s pool has a depth of 0.57 m and is suitable for children up to 7 years. You do not have to worry that if the children stay longer in the pool they can catch a cold, as the water is maintained at a constant temperature of 29 degrees. This is the perfect temperature for endless water fun, so you can safely let them have fun while you drink your favorite cocktails and sitting comfortably on sun loungers or under tents.

Children’s water attractions

Lucky Bansko knows that children love not only the fun in the pools and water attractions. Therefore, especially for the little ones (and their slightly older brothers and sisters) there is a fun and crazy water slide, mushrooms with water effects and many other water entertainments by the pool. Be sure that once your children see the attractions, they will not want to get out of the water.

Going down the water slide is a real pleasure for the little ones and they will have a really great time, and if the games under the mushrooms and other water attractions start, it will be very difficult to get them out of the pool even to relax and eat something.

The aqua complex of Lucky Bansko - real water fun for young and oldAnd while you and your children have fun in the pools, your safety will be taken care of by qualified lifeguards who are ready to intervene in case of need.

Great Italian restaurant

If you are hungry, you do not need to look for a place to have lunch or dinner. You do not even have to leave the aqua complex, as there is one of the best Italian restaurants not only in Bansko, but in all of Bulgaria. Leonardo Restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine, the products of which are delivered directly from Italy.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is Mediterranean, the food – extremely tasty, and the wine will take you to the beautiful and sunny Tuscany. Here you can eat fragrant pasta, pizza, risotto with seafood, tender lamb chops, Caprese salad, gelato, panna cotta or order the chef to prepare a special dish for you. If you don’t want to get up from the deck chairs to eat, you don’t have to. Just order what you like and the waiters will serve you the selected dishes directly at the pool.

Special treatment and additional services

To visit the aqua complex, you do not have to be a guest of Lucky Bansko Aparthotel. The complex is open to all visitors who for a symbolic entrance fee per day receive a deck chair or tent, umbrella, table, towel and a bottle of mineral water.

Each visitor who has paid the entrance fee can take advantage of all services and water attractions on the territory of the entertainment complex and stay as long as he likes (or until the closure of the aqua complex). You can also take advantage of a 50% discount if you visit the complex on weekdays. And especially for all regular visitors, the water entertainment complex offers the option of “preserving a deck chair”, and for this purpose the lifeguards of the pool must be notified in advance.

The complex is open from July to September and is open from 10.00 to 20.00 (no day off).

The aqua complex of Lucky Bansko - real water fun for young and old

The aqua complex of Lucky Bansko – the place where the sea comes by the mountain

Are you looking for the perfect place for a family vacation that can offer you both the summer coolness of the mountains and the water fun and attractions of the sea?

In Lucky Bansko Aparthotel you will find everything you need for a perfect vacation. The five-star hotel has luxuriously furnished studios and apartments where you can relax, with a luxurious SPA, gym and several restaurants that offer food that is a real pleasure for the palate. And just a few steps from the main hotel building, the aqua complex can provide you with summer water entertainment that will make you forget that you are far from the sea.

You don’t have to go to the sea when it comes to you. In the aqua complex of Lucky Bansko you will find the endless water fun that you long for and you will return home rested, full of energy and with an exceptional tan, which will be envied even by those who have rested on the beach.