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2 nights

2 nights

Perfect body after RF lifting in Lucky Bansko apart hotel

The radiofrequency lifting is unconditional space technology for regeneration of the skin and recovering of it’s elasticity, with lifting effect, anti-aging and smoothing wrinkles.
It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, can be done once a week and the final effect is impressive immediately after the client finish the procedure, it becomes even better in the next 48 hours.
It can be applied to one or several zones – face, neck, belly, arms, inner side of the hams and everywhere else where the skin is loose.
It is a quick procedure, for about 40 minutes, with no adverse side effects such as redness and swelling.
The RF lifting uses bipolar frequency of current, which penetrates deeply into the skin and literally melts obsolete, allocated and chopped fibers, and this causes process of regeneration of new ones.
Lucky Bansko apart hotel offers RF lifting and muscle stimulation for face, oval zone, forehead zone and eyes, and for the body.