Lovely thank you for everything you did for us!


As I also wrote in your Facebook profile – it was from those days when the world seemed to stop to make you nice to you 🙂 .. and we were, a lot 🙂

As if nature had agreed to donate our last sunny days before the real winter – see what is out there now.

Were we pleased ?! I do not know how to start answering this question …

It was amazing for all of us! Everywhere I hear compliments, colleagues are extremely impressed with the stay. Today, this is just the comment on the corridors in our office. Everyone talks only about this incredible weekend that we had the pleasure of experiencing with you!

There is no two words – this is a hotel managed successfully. I have seen impeccable cleanliness, incredible spa area, great staff, great cuisine. I was pampered with a massage, because you are glory to you. In a word I do not know if it will be the most suitable for business correspondence – we are blurred !!!

Do not ask me whether we will be your guests again. YES, at the earliest opportunity!

I wish you to be healthy, to be an incredible team and to believe in the good! Be good people and good professionals!

I wish you a great season!

Hearty thanks for everything!

Looking forward to meet you again,