Musala peak

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Peak Musala Pictures | Lucky Bansko

Even if you are not passionate mountaineers and so far you haven’t climbed any mountain peak, conquering Musala peak will bring you great pleasure. Although it is the highest peak in our country, its climbing is not as hard as Cherni vruh or Vihren peak and it is a good walk for the whole family.

The iconic exhibition in Bansko – from a historical point of view until now

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Unlike the other art schools that developed during the Bulgarian Revival Period, the school of the town of Bansko continued to develop also after the Liberation. During that time, magnificent models of iconography and woodcarving came out of the craftsmen’s hands, leaving a bright mark in the national memory.

The Medieval Melnik

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Melnik is famous for its good wine

22 km away from Sandanski, in the immediate vicinity of the natural landmark Melnik Earth Pyramids, is located Melnik – the smallest town in Bulgaria with population of only 325  residents.

The “Holy Virgin” Church

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Church of the Virgin Mary in Bansko

The Holy Virgin Church or the Assumption was built during the second half of the 18th century so that we can enjoy it today, and, until the Holy Trinity Church was built, it had played a part of a parish church for the local population.

Bansko – the home of the creator of the Slavonic-Bulgarian History

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Bansko – the home of Paisiy Hilendarski | Lucky Bansko

Bansko has been an important cultural center where Bulgarian culture, art and spirituality are revived. The picturesque resort is home to one of the most prominent Bulgarian personalities who have left a deep trace of our history.

Permanent icon exhibition

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Permanent icon exhibition | Lucky Bansko

Before we talk about the iconic exhibition and what you can see there, we will start a little further by telling you about the building where the exhibition is housed.

The Ribarnika Locality

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The Ribarnika Locality | Lucky Bansko

Did you know that near the town of Bansko is a place that has attracted the interest of the tourists who choose the resort for their summer vacation in recent years?

Sport in Bansko – activities and events

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Sport in Bansko | Lucky Bansko

Bansko is a resort popular all over the world as one of the best destinations for lovers of winter sports and there is why. The slopes in the resort are very well maintained, the season is long and the hotels offer good service to their clients.