Popovo Lake in the Pirin Mountains

16.01.2020 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko

Even if you are not a big fan of the mountain hikes, if you are near the town of Bansko or Dobrinishte, choose one day from your vacation to take a walk to one of the largest and most beautiful lakes in Pirin – Popovo Lake. Location Papaz göl or Popovo Lake is located in […]

Ski schools in the town of Bansko

08.01.2020 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko

Bansko is among the most popular winter resorts not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe. The resort town is preferred for ski vacations, because it offersgreat ski runsthat are suitable for people with different ski and snowboarding skills, but also because it has a very good ski base, and last but not least – […]

Chalinvalog gondola lift

03.01.2020 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko

Bansko is our most popular winter ski resort and as such it has numerous ski runs withdifferent level of difficulty that the lovers of winter sports can enjoy throughout the winter season. The ski runs can be reached through a well-established network of ropeways (lifts) that pass just above the resort town and reach all […]

Biathlon in Bansko

17.12.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Biathlon in Bansko

Bansko is not only one of the most beautiful towns in Bulgaria, but it is one of our most popular winter resorts with numerous sights. This is a town in which sport is of great honor, so it would be no surprise to say that sports competitions take place all year round in Bansko. The […]

Archeology in Bansko – an ancient cultural heritage

10.12.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Archeology in Bansko

If you have visited Bansko at least once in your life, you have already got acquainted with some of the biggest sights of the town, such as the„St. Trinity” church, Velyanova house, Beninata house, Rila nunnery, Nikola Vaptsarov house-museumand many others. Take a walk through the narrow cobblestone streets, explore the little shops, try the […]

Rila nunnery Bansko

05.12.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Rila nunnery Bansko

Еach settlement has its own natural, cultural or historical landmarks. There are settlements that have incredibly beautiful nature and are proud of it, there are towns and villages that preserve an abundant cultural and historical heritage and for which the preservation of traditions is a priority # 1. And there are towns like Bansko to […]

Folklore groups and ensembles in Bansko

27.11.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Folklore groups

If you are looking for authentic folk music and good mood, Bansko is the right place to find them. In Bansko you have the perfect opportunity to enjoy a variety of folk rhythms and to feel the true spirit of the Bulgarian folk traditions in folk music art. The Bansko region has a really rich […]

The traditional cuisine of Bansko

20.11.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
The traditional cuisine of Bansko

There is no doubt that Bansko is one of the most popular resortsin Bulgaria, which with its beauty is known not only in our country but also abroad. In addition to the breathtaking mountain views,snowyslopes and variousadventures, you’ll also find an incredible cuisine. One thing is for sure, you cannot stay hungry in Bansko. The […]

Sports clubs in Bansko

14.11.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Sports clubs in Bansko

Those of you who have already visited the town of Bansko must already be convinced that the resort offers something for everyone. Bansko is one of the most popular Bulgarian winter resorts, which in addition to beautiful scenery and a variety of sights, offers an abundant entertainment for children and adults every season. Bansko offers […]

Crafts in the town of Bansko from the past to the present day

06.11.2019 Category: Blog Author: Lucky Bansko
Crafts in the town of Bansko

If you are interested in Bulgarian lifestyle and culture, the town of Bansko will definitely charm you. Here you can get acquainted with various old Bulgarian crafts and customs and learn more about theBulgarian history. The mountain resort has a rich festive program and it seems as if every corner is full of history and […]