Aqua Complex “Leonardo”

Aqua Complex “Leonardo” With Outdoor Pool

The Leonardo Aqua Complex has two outdoor pools – one for children of up to 5,99 years of age, with a water slide.

The water is continually heated.

A lifeguard is provided.

The Aqua Complex is in the town of Bansko, in immediate proximity to Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax Hotel and is an inseparable part of Italian Restaurant “Leonardo”.

Comfortable teak-wood deck chairs, a table, and luxurious pavilion tents are available for you. Professional sound systems are provided and the music can be heard even underwater.

Order our tasty cocktails, chilled wine and food suitable for consumption on a deck chair.

The Aqua Complex is open 7 days each week, from 10 AM to 8 PM, from June to September.

You can use a 50% discount after 4 PM during weekdays.

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